Collaborative Art-Making

Arts and Beyond provides collaborative art-making workshops, tailored to fit all participants, be it students or professional working adults. Get us onboard to build team spirit and foster creativity among your students and staff! Participants will get to know one another better and build trust while completing tasks. There will be opportunities for all to get involved in the art-making process in a fun and stress-free environment with activities that encourage team building, explore creativity and empower individuals. No prior training in art required!

Unique activities – tailored for your goals and group size
Takes individuals beyond their comfort zone – explore different basic art techniques and have fun outside the workplace/school
Stimulates teamwork – gets individuals to work with one another to complete activities
Goals-orientated – problem solving, team building, creative thinking
Non-competitive environment – results take backseat in favour of the process of participants collaborating to achieve a common goal


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