Welcome to Arts and Beyond!

Arts and Beyond is an art studio offering creative workshops in Singapore. Our art classes cover a wide range of mediums that cater to all skill levels – from beginners to practising artists. We aim to help you discover your hidden interests, further your artistic potential, learn new skills, and forge strong bonds within the creative art scene in Singapore. 


Spark an Interest

Find love and appreciation in a new form of art. Take that leap of faith and try! Under the guidance of experienced and engaging art teachers, our studio encourages everyone to experience something new, or pursue a lifelong passion in an explorative and encouraging environment. All are welcomed – every session is specially curated for a unique, stress-free experience!


Grow a Passion

Develop and improve on skills to support your imagination. Never stop learning! Whether your interest is in watercolours or illustration; here at Arts and Beyond we believe not only in the focus on learning new skills, but also further developing and refining existing skills. Self-improvement is a never-ending journey and we are more than happy to walk hand in hand with you.


Discover a Path

Let this be the start of a route of creative expression in your life. A hobby or side-project, once further developed, can open up a whole new world of opportunities! Don’t let your interests just stay as dreams, let them become more concrete and tangible. If you are ready to embark on this exciting journey of self-improvement and discovery, join us in cultivating and enriching our local art scene!